Gripad RX & Wrist Wrap Bundle

This bundle package includes one pair of Gripad RX and one pair of Gripad Wrist Wraps. Available in red, black, blue, pink, yellow, and camo.

Gripad RX: Taking our patented weight lifting grips to the next level, the Gripad RX are specifically designed for frequent and intensive workout sessions. Ideally suited for free-weights training and cross fit, they offer both static and dynamic grip, that fits the shape of your hand. We’ve overhauled the fabrication with this model, with the new rubber pad mirroring the contours of your palm, ensuring the most ergonomically optimum grip possible.

Gripad Wrist Wraps: Designed to support wrist strength in order to aid you in your workout and maximize your performance, while reducing the risk of sprains and injury. Made from durable cotton, these elasticated wraps are fully adjustable and fasten with a strong Velcro grip to ensure that the wraps remain secure whilst training. And because the Velcro is soft-touch, you won’t have to worry about your wrist wrap attaching to and ruining your workout clothes.

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